The Dual Citizen Podcast

Season 3 is all about realizing your influence as a citizen of heaven and earth. In episode 15 we hear the story of another incredible nonprofit leader, Cathryn Shaw, who is the founder and director of All Among Us Incorporated in Ferguson, Missouri. All Among Us is a women’s care center that provides a safe place for transformation and healing, both socioeconomically and spiritually. We discuss common misconceptions about poverty, stories of hope, and Cathryn’s own journey of realizing her influence in the lives of her neighbors..

Start & Grow Your Nonprofit Podcast

Hosted by nonprofit coaches Tim Needham and Mary Valloni, each episode of the Start and Grow Your Nonprofit Podcast is designed to bring together nonprofit entrepreneurs who have successfully built impactful organizations from the ground up. Join us as we dive into their journeys, share their insights, and learn how to start and grow a strong, sustainable nonprofit that transforms lives, communities, and the world.

In this episode, Tim sits down with Cathryn Shaw, founder and Executive Director of All Among Us, which has been working to impact the lives of women in St. Louis, MO by establishing healthy, reliable relationships and a supportive, enriching community.

We’ll explore: The story of All Among Us – Uniting Passion, Community, and Healing Utilizing a resource network The driving forces: Love, Care, and Dignity Cathryn’s passion to look for the good Making mistakes, and continuous improvement The importance of acknowledging the hard days For more information about All Among Us, visit https://allamong.us/

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To contact Tim, email tim@startandgrowyournonprofit.com.

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Be Love. Do Good. Podcast

Today’s podcast is with my sweet friend Cathryn Shaw. It started with one homeless couple and keeping her eyes open to others. She started asking what they needed after trial and error and started to become part of the homeless story.

She has become an advocate for the homeless but now has created a true kinship with the homeless.  She is founder and director of ALL AMONG US. THE MISSION OF ALL AMONG US IS TO PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH A DESIRE TO TRANSITION FROM GENERATIONAL POVERTY TOWARD SELF-SUFFICIENCY.

She shares her heart for the homeless and how we all can provide dignity to others. She shares her unlikely path to founding an organization called ALL AMONG US and Women’s Care Center.

This is such a powerful conversation of the power of one person. Finding your one person to come alongside and build a relationship with. Make sure and listen to the end when she talks about the 10%. It is so important.

Find how to connect with ALL AMONG US AND CATHRYN HERE https://www.bestrongstory.com/be-love-podcast

KMoX - The Voice of St. Louis

Woman drives around St. Louis to help homeless people. Listen to hear from the interview with KMOX and Cathryn Shaw. Or use this link to read the full article.