The mission of All Among Us is to provide opportunities for individuals with a desire to transition from generational poverty toward self-sufficiency.

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Women's Care Center

The Women’s Care Center is centered on creating a welcoming and safe home environment allowing women to make the needed changes away from the people, places, barriers, and stressors that keep them in poverty. By physically and emotionally entering the Center and creating a new environment, surrounding oneself with a sisterhood of women all striving for long-term self-sufficiency and emotional health, women are able to take steps out of poverty and toward a life of meaning. It is the vision of All Among Us that the women who graduate from the Women’s Care Center will not just survive, but thrive!

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Women We’ve Helped


I fled an abusive marriage and have been a single mom for coming up on a year and a half now. It feels really, really hopeless for a long time. Like there aren’t any options, that you’re just stuck.

It’s really, really, really humbling to ask for help. To say, “I can’t do Christmas for my kids. I can afford the monthly rent for a home, but I don’t have enough money to furnish it. “ In July, we were able to get our own home. Cathryn and the volunteers with All Among Us provided almost all of the furniture for our entire house. It was overwhelming, how amazing it was.

I couldn’t have done it without All Among Us, and knowing there is this big group of volunteers who has my back in all of this. Mentally knowing I have their support if I need it. If there is an emergency, it’ll be okay. All Among Us cares about me. My daughter is nine, and she’s always saying, “Do we have any money today for that homeless man?” My son wants to sell his toys and give the money to All Among Us. We talk about how a lot of people have helped us and that we need to pray that one day we’ll be in a position to do the same.


My family had a lot of struggles. My mom has ten kids and is a single parent. Some days we would go without food. We didn’t live in a healthy environment. Growing up, we never had enough money. It wasn’t good growing up. I met Cathryn when I was 11 years old.

When I did get a little money, I wanted to spend it on clothes and shoes, and get my hair done. When I got my job at Dierbergs Warehouse, Cathryn taught me about personal finance. She showed me so much about saving money, how I need it in the long run.

The day I rented my first apartment was like the best day of my life. My first couple nights, I slept on the floor. All Among Us put the word out and people started donating stuff and helping me. I’m very thankful for everybody who helped me.

People let their past get them down. I want to let my past lift me up. Just because you have lived a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to live that way the rest of your life. You can’t tell me I can’t do anything. I can do anything. As long as I put my mind, hard work, and dedication into it, I can do it. Anybody can do it. Believe in yourself.

My dream is to be a better me, to change the cycle of poverty. To show all the younger people, and older people too, that you can do anything you put your mind to. My dream is to be successful. I want to be one in my family to say that I did it!

Without All Among Us, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I want to help Cathryn and the Women’s Care Center. All Among Us is an organization people can come to if they need love.


I was homeless for six years before I met Cathryn. I had lost everything, everybody. I lost my kids, my grandkids, friends. I lost my car. I lost everything.

Cathryn is a true caring person, which I never experienced - somebody caring so much for me. I just love working with her and being by her side. She has taught me about compassion and helping people and lifting people’s spirits up.

Now I have money in the bank and I have a vehicle. I have my own apartment that’s furnished. I have my family back and I have a church home.

When I first got my place, Cathryn asked, “what do you need?” And I tell you, trucks pulled up and here come a couch, a deep freezer, here come a table, here come a bed, here come linens. They people said, “You just sit down, Ruby, we got this.” Man, I’d never seen this in my life.

It’s a good feeling to know people care about you.


When I met Cathryn Shaw, I was going from shelter to shelter. No one was hearing me. I couldn’t trust anyone. I felt unsafe. I felt like no one cared. I was at my wit’s end.

Today I have my own apartment. I’ve paid off $5,000 in debt over seven months and I’m working part-time. I love going to work! I’m able to help myself and able to help others.

The Women’s Care Center is going be a fantastic, amazing place. The women are going to get exactly the right help because they’re coming to the right person. She’s going to take care of them and get them the help they need.

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