The mission of All Among Us is to offer secure transformative housing and supportive wraparound services to women who are struggling to achieve and maintain stable housing independence.

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Recently Executive Director Cathryn Shaw visited the homeless of St Louis with Debbie Monterrey and was invited to speak with Carol Daniel of KMOX regarding the Crisis Direct Aid Program of All Among Us. Listen to those conversation here.

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Thank you!!!!  We raised more than $6000 through Give STL! Thank you to our generous donors. We couldn’t do what we do without you!



The women of All Among Us have faced many challenges on their path to healing and recovery. They often struggle through complex family dynamics, higher rates of domestic abuse, and complex trauma. These challenges are physically and psychologically damaging. Tackling the original issues and addressing the developing effects are essential in successful treatment and recovery. All Among Us not only helps these women, but we also become partners with each individual to champion a full recovery and mitigate the risk of relapse. We advocate for and provide numerous opportunities for the women while living at the Center, following them all the way through the Aftercare Program.

per the census, 1 in 5 residents of St. Louis city lives in poverty

The unfortunate reality is that gender, class, and race are still factors in the ability to break away from societal boundaries. Sometimes, the hardest work will go unnoticed purely based on demographics. Affordable housing and enduring patterns of racial segregation continues to push down lower-class families, making it that much more difficult to break the cycle of poverty.

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