Aftercare Program

Continued Support for Years to Come

The Aftercare Program

Our Aftercare Program provides support for women who have transitioned from the Women’s Care Center into permanent safe and affordable housing. These women are living independently, are financially stable, employed and/or on disability, and are working to maintain their recovery.

Ladies, and their significant others, return to the Center for advocacy, accountability, community, and friendships.

Aftercare Program Recipients

What is

Aftercare at All Among Us?

Women involved in the Aftercare Program return and receive assistance when they are living independently. We want our community to perpetuate throughout the lives of our ladies and the lives of people they care for. To this end, we host community events and regular support meetings, as well as being available to help our friends stay on the path they have chosen.

All Among Us exists to help people suffering from trauma, abuse, mental health diagnosis, addiction, and systemic suffering. As anyone familiar with these would know, these problems aren’t done with us as soon as we would like to be done with them. Recovery is a lifelong process, and with a strong community in your corner, it is also a joyful one!