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People who participate in the communities around them know one of life’s great secrets–giving joy to others provides it for yourself. All Among Us hosts a fun annual event yearly to build funds and promote its mission of creating better lives full of hope and prosperity for those involved in our three programs.

The event is crucial for the success of All Among Us. Not only does the evening serve as a convenient, fun way to give to the cause, it also builds our community. Sharing time, food, and fun with like-minded people who want to give back to and build our social fabric strengthens the bond between all of us. There is nothing like seeing the bright faces of people you help and those who want to help them with you.

We also find other opportunities to connect with the wider community throughout the year. Prior to holidays, we gather meaningful gifts and gift cards for those in each of our programs.  Staff take women shopping with gift cards so that they have the dignity to purchase gifts for their children.