About Us

Our Mission

To Be a Transformational Women’s Nonprofit

The Mission Statement of All Among Us Inc. is to offer secure transformative housing and supportive wraparound services to women who are struggling to achieve and maintain stable housing independence.

Women's Care Center Resident

Our Goal

Impacting St Louis Homelessness

It is widely perceived that individuals become homeless after running out of money. In reality people become homeless when they run out of relationships. They no longer have relationships with parents, siblings, spouses, or significant others, and often no relationship with their own children.

People without a supportive community often sink into depression, return to unhealthy relationships, addictions and, eventually, into homelessness. Supportive and enriching relationships are critical to impacting the generational poverty cycle.

All Among Us impacts homelessness by establishing healthy, reliable relationships and community. Supportive and enriching relationships have positive impacts on their lives and the lives of their families and friends.

Our History

All Among Us & Founder Cathryn Shaw

Cathryn Shaw worked at a construction company in downtown St. Louis in 2006. During orientation, she was instructed not to turn right out of the building when leaving because the Powell Building, a heroin addicts’ shelter, was just a block away.

Across the street from Powell, there were several homeless camps and settlements in abandoned warehouses. Cathryn met a young couple lying on a pier with only their sleeping bags one evening as she was leaving work. She built a friendship with the couple over the course of several months, providing them with necessities and assisting them in securing and moving into a permanent home. Cathryn was so moved by the couple’s achievement that she decided to devote her life to helping the chronically homeless and impoverished single mothers of St. Louis City.

Cathryn founded All Among Us to devote her full time and attention to those living in generational poverty. After serving hundreds of people each year for eleven years, she has developed a significant volunteer network to aid her efforts.

All Among Us


In 2006, after eleven years of supporting hundreds of people annually and building a significant volunteer base through continued homeless outreach efforts, Cathryn Shaw founded All Among Us, Inc. to focus on those living in generational poverty.

Primary Partners

Community Collaboration Efforts

We work in community with incredible for-profits and nonprofits in the St. Louis area. 

Our Board of Directors

Tom Nations
Executive Committee President

Thomas (Tom) Nations
The Nations Law Firm

Cheryl Hansen
Vice President

Cheryl Hansen
Vice President and Director, R&D (Ret)
Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

Michael Dozier

Michael L. Dozier, CPA
Staff Accountant
Rubin Brown

Brandon Martin

Brandon Martin, PharmD
Genoa Healthcare

Executive Director, Ex Officio

Cathryn C. Shaw
All Among Us Inc.

Laura Hempstead-Smith
Board Member

Laura Hempstead-Smith, D.O.
Field Accreditation Staff
Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

Stan Smith
Board Member

Stan Smith
Senior Vice President
Paradigm Specialty Network

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