Supporting Women in Recovery

The Women’s Center provides transformational housing for women in recovery from substance abuse, domestic violence, trauma, and mental illness. Our innovative approach provides programs to ensure the long-term success of our residents. All Among Us partners with non-profits in the St. Louis area who are doing great work in their specific field of service.


Transformational Housing

Many in recovery benefit from transformational housing, which helps them reintegrate into society and adjust to their new healthy lifestyles.

When we speak of recovery we aren’t just talking about recovery from addiction. Our women recover from poverty, trauma, addiction, mental health and abuse. All Among Us is aware of the specific challenges women experience in their journeys toward healing.

Our transformational housing takes a unique approach to recovery, creating unique plans for each of our residents. From setting boundaries with abusive family members to creating space to heal or working through patterns of behavior and triggers. All Among Us strives to help each individual create a life filled with peace, dignity, and self-reliance.

All Among Us


At the Women’s Care Center, all our residents have access to a foundational program that strives to give a haven as well as the means to become self-sufficient. This includes:

The Impact of


There would be no transformative housing for women if it weren’t for financial contributions. There are so many women who need a secure place to heal and grow. AAU intends to make the road to recovery less frightening. As a completely independent charitable organization, we rely on donations to help us create the community and support that allows our women to thrive. Because we do not accept funds from the government or the United Way, we have the freedom to create programs that are unique to each individual who enters our doors. This allows us to craft long-term programs that create a lifetime of positive results.

To help these women in our own neighborhood, we rely on contributions from people in our community and beyond. It doesn’t matter how small your contribution is; it could make a significant difference in the lives of a mother, daughter, sister, or friend.