Our Community

Our Community Impact

  • AAU provides access to health and medical services by helping underinsured and underserved women register for Medicare, Medicaid, and other benefits.
  • AAU strengthens the communities of Ferguson, Florissant, Dellwood and Normandy by supporting women in poverty to become self-sustaining citizens.
  • AAU encourages preventive care and provides health education for women by providing health and nutrition courses, offering healthy eating options, encouraging exercise, and providing education for positive mental health habits.
  • AAU offers services to female US military troops who find themselves in poverty and seek opportunities for a better future.
  • Through teaching workforce readiness skills, including soft skills, women are prepared to accept jobs at local businesses.
  • AAU loves being a part of the community in Ferguson!
  • Social Justice – Our ladies in residence are in the process of transforming themselves from victims to victors. Discussions around injustice, prejudice, and inequalities are part of living at the Women’s Care Center.


In Cathryn’s own words

I longed to give women a pathway out of poverty. I believed we could create a safe home where healing would begin.

All Among Us is built on mutual trust, understanding, and compassion. In offering trust to our women, we create space for them to trust themselves and one another. In the beginning they find small glimmers of hope and have baby steps of success. They trust a better life is theirs when they are willing to work for it and have a community supporting and advocating for them.  

Our women understand that should they slip and fall, they can trust All Among Us will be there to encourage them start anew.

Our community is filled with empowered women who are bettering themselves. It is a community that is tight-knit and compassionate. It is a community thriving with smart, driven, and empowered women!”