About Homelessness in St. Louis

Did you know that over 550,000 Americans were homeless in 2017? 40 million people face famine, while 40.6 million are technically impoverished. 65% of the impoverished are housed, while 35% sleep on the streets. Many of them are struggling right in your own neighborhood.

Why the Homeless

Need Our Help

Our homeless are exposed to hazardous weather and health risks due to lack of guidance or help. Some of the most common reasons people wind up being homeless include:
  • The absence of affordable housing
  • Unemployment/loss of employment
  • Drug abuse and no assistance
  • Mental illness and a lack of assistance
Sadly, a lack of knowledge about homelessness inhibits individuals from reaching out and helping. People are often uncomfortable or assume that homeless people are violent or need money to feed their addictions. Many homeless people have mental illnesses or physical limitations. Some are abused women escaping their current situation. Some are veterans with PTSD. Some are recovering addicts with no support. It is the homeless who are especially exposed to violence due to their lack of protection, leaving them vulnerable and yearning to survive. The correct resources, or lack thereof, may often make or break their situation.
Homeless Man St. Louis

In Your Community

How to Help

Many ways exist to show your support and sympathy for those affected by the homelessness crisis in America. The first step is getting involved in your community’s efforts.

Getting active in your community’s local initiatives will help solve homelessness in your local area, while also tackling the issue on a national scale.

Here are ways to get involved:



All Among Us

All Among Us is a wonderful place to start if you want to learn how to help the homeless in your area. The goal of AAU is to educate those who want to help with the problems of homelessness while offering the best ways to assist.

Homelessness is not usually solved by just providing a place to live. Advocacy and ongoing support are critical to enacting changes that will end homelessness.

All Among Us provides creative support services to homeless youth, disabled veterans, and homeless adults. We provide everything from food, clothing, and hygiene necessities to continue relationship support and recovery assistance.

Volunteering with All Among Us is a great opportunity to learn about homelessness while helping those in need. Contact AAU immediately to learn how you can help or donate now.