Our Programs

Addiction, homelessness, and abuse are like open wounds in the body of our community. All Among Us provides safe housing and advocacy for ladies impacted by wounds that were often inflicted in childhood. While we don’t believe that we can fully bring an end to these terrible realities, we do believe that we can make a difference one person at a time. We create a ripple effect in the communities we serve, slowing spreading healing and self-reliance back into the world.

To this end, we focus our efforts on assisting the most vulnerable members of our communities in their most vulnerable times. Our Women’s Care Center is built on the simple principle that there is no straight road to recovery or healing for what these brave women have suffered through, and so we offer individualized programs for each of them.

Women's Care Center Residents

Our Core Programs

"When clinicians are trying to help women to change, grow, and heal from addictions, it is critical that they place women in environments in which they can experience mutual, empathetic, healthy relationships with their counselors and with one another."

Women's Care Center

The Women's Care Center provides a safe and comfortable home setting where women can make the necessary changes away from the people, places, impediments, and stresses that keep them stuck and often in danger. Our women have incredible abilities, talents, and personal histories. All Among Us partners with existing social safety nets to strengthen and improve services in the St. Louis area.


Aftercare Program

Our Aftercare Program exists to provide a bridge between the immediate security of our residency program and an independent, productive life; recipients are perpetually welcome to return to All Among Us for assistance in their individualized recovery program.


Crisis Direct Aid

People experiencing homelessness in St. Louis need human community, trust, and ongoing wellness supplies. Baseline assistance helps people who are struggling to then make small life changes. Our crisis relief team provides this assistance through weekly visits throughout the St. Louis area. We also offer Crisis Direct Aid for emergent situations, so that those suffering from homelessness can be safe when they need it most, particularly during inclement weather.


The All Among Us Community

While specifics do vary, the throughline of all our work is to create stability through our seven pillars which emphasize financial literacy, workforce readiness, life skills, recovery, mental and physical health, family and friendships, and aftercare.

We have developed these pillars through years of experience and with the understanding that in the lives of women who have suffered trauma, there are common core experiences that require teaching skills to a person specifically and purposefully deprived of the opportunity to learn. While working with us, our program recipients can identify what they have lacked to effectively manage their lives and receive whatever they need to fill the gap.

It is our aim to treat everyone with the dignity and respect they are due as human beings in need. Living happy, productive lives means helping others do the same. When individuals receive the care and compassion to make their lives better, they help create better communities for everyone.