The mission of All Among Us is to offer secure transformative housing and supportive wraparound services to women who are struggling to achieve and maintain stable housing independence.


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In the News

Recently Executive Director Cathryn Shaw visited the homeless of St Louis with Debbie Monterrey and was invited to speak with Carol Daniel of KMOX regarding the Crisis Direct Aid Program of All Among Us. Listen to those conversation here.

Our Core Programs

"When clinicians are trying to help women to change, grow, and heal from addictions, it is critical that they place women in environments in which they can experience mutual, empathetic, healthy relationships with their counselors and with one another."

Women's Care Center

The Women's Care Center provides a safe and comfortable home setting where women can make the necessary changes away from the people, places, impediments, and stresses that keep them stuck and often in danger. Our women have incredible abilities, talents, and personal histories. All Among Us partners with existing social safety nets to strengthen and improve services in the St. Louis area.


Aftercare Program

Our Aftercare Program exists to provide a bridge between the immediate security of our residency program and an independent, productive life; recipients are perpetually welcome to return to All Among Us for assistance in their individualized recovery program.


Crisis Direct Aid

People experiencing homelessness in St. Louis need human community, trust, and ongoing wellness supplies. Baseline assistance helps people who are struggling to then make small life changes. Our crisis relief team provides this assistance through weekly visits throughout the St. Louis area. We also offer Crisis Direct Aid for emergent situations, so that those suffering from homelessness can be safe when they need it most, particularly during inclement weather.



The women of All Among Us have faced many challenges on their path to healing and recovery. They often struggle through complex family dynamics, higher rates of domestic abuse, and complex trauma. These challenges are physically and psychologically damaging. Tackling the original issues and addressing the developing effects are essential in successful treatment and recovery. All Among Us not only helps these women, but we also become partners with each individual to champion a full recovery and mitigate the risk of relapse. We advocate for and provide numerous opportunities for the women while living at the Center, following them all the way through the Aftercare Program.


  • AAU provides access to health and medical services by helping underinsured and underserved women register for Medicare, Medicaid, and other benefits.
  • AAU strengthens the communities of Ferguson, Florissant, Dellwood and Normandy by supporting women in poverty to become self-sustaining citizens.
  • AAU encourages preventive care and provides health education for women by providing health and nutrition courses, offering healthy eating options, encouraging exercise, and providing education for positive mental health habits.
  • AAU offers services to female US military troops who find themselves in poverty and seek opportunities for a better future.
  • Through teaching workforce readiness skills, including soft skills, women are prepared to accept jobs at local businesses.
  • AAU loves being a part of the community in Ferguson!
  • Social Justice – Our ladies in residence are in the process of transforming themselves from victims to victors. Discussions around injustice, prejudice, and inequalities are part of living at the Women’s Care Center.

podcast episodes

Our Founder, Cathryn Shaw, has been a guest on a couple of podcasts recently. Please click below to listen!