About Us

Break the Cycle of Generational Poverty

Generational poverty occurs when at least two generations have been born into poverty. Families living in this type of impoverishment are unequipped to end the cycle of poverty without structured intervention.

It is widely perceived that individuals become homeless after running out of money. In reality, people become homeless when they run out of relationships. Our solution to end homelessness involves reestablishing healthy, reliable relationships and community. All Among Us provides families and individuals the education and tools to end the cycle of poverty.


Healthy, positive, and supportive relationships make the difference between staying self-sufficient and becoming homeless. People without a supportive community often sink into depression, return to unhealthy relationships, addictions and eventually, into homelessness. Supportive and enriching relationships are critical to ending the generational poverty cycle that leads to homelessness.


The Center will coordinate specialized programs such as Life Skills, Twelve Step Programs, Mental Health Service Coordination, Housing Assistance, Art and Creative Experiences, Health and Wellness, and the Courage for Change. Our Women’s Care Center will work in partnership with each of its residents to provide trauma-informed care and support for each resident. These programs will develop the confidence and communication skills for women to re-establish their physical and mental health and relationships.


The Women’s Care Center will prepare each of its residents for employment using dynamic programs like Workforce Readiness and Financial Literacy. These programs are designed to prepare women to re-enter the job market at a self-sustaining wage and manage their income and budget.


Providing affordable, quality, stable housing is essential to The Housing Assistance program. Our skilled housing advisors are paired with residents to guide them through the process of securing lasting, permanent homes.


Residents will be encouraged to maintain involvement with the Center. This connection to a safe and supportive community will provide them the support they need to continue self-sufficiency. All Among Us will monitor residents to ensure long-term success.