Workforce Readiness

Each resident receives an individual employment plan including assistance with job appropriate attire, interview training, transportation assistance and job seeking and employment retention skills.

Life Skills

Our residents will learn to anticipate and cope with a wide-range of life skills including time-management, budgeting, healthy relationships and co-dependency. Mental wellness counseling is also available for women who have experienced trauma, and women needing assistance with grief, anxiety reduction, motivation and anger management.

Financial Literacy

The Financial Literacy program provides residents with a foundation for becoming financially self-sufficient by learning skills including reading a bank statement, building a budget, managing credit and paying bills.

Housing Assistance

In working with Case Workers, All Among Us will guide residents through the process of securing affordable permanent housing.

Mental Health Service Coordination

Improving one’s mental health is paramount to stability and wellness. Those who enter the Women’s Care Center will be provided support to maintain mental health services including assistance with transportation. There is also a part-time licensed counselor on-site.

Courage for Change

This program is specifically designed to serve individuals who have been impacted by trauma such as domestic violence, homelessness, addiction, and abuse. Basic skills training, individual therapy and support groups are among the many services offered.

12-Step Programs – AA & AL-ANON

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA's 12-step recovery program) is a free treatment program for people suffering from alcohol abuse and addiction. Al-Anon meetings are available for individuals who have a family member or friend, living with substance abuse issues.

Arts & Creative Experiences

Providing a strong ground for healing and rebuilding, various art mediums and experiences are offered including drawing, music, poetry, painting, and writing.

Health & Wellness

For at-risk women, health challenges are compounded by stress and limited access to healthy food. Programs promoting good nutrition, physical activity and preventative education are essential to empowering women to take control of their health.