The mission of All Among Us is to provide opportunities for
individuals with a desire to transition from generational poverty toward self-sufficiency.


CHRONICALLY HOMELESS have experienced homelessness for a year or longer. FACT: Many suffer from mental illness, addiction, physical impairment or disability and are vulnerable to health risks and violence. Without shelter, they experience heightened exposure to the elements and the absence of privacy. All Among Us provides basic, immediate necessities: food, water, personal care and comfort items.
SINGLE MOTHERS need support in caring for their children. FACT: More than 90% of sheltered and/or poor mothers have experienced physical and sexual assault. All Among Us provides advocacy, basic, personal care items, household items, advocacy and comfort items for mothers and children.
CHILDREN OF GENERATIONAL POVERTY are born into a life of uncertainty. FACT: It is a way of life for these children to relocate constantly, sleep in cars, shelters, and abandoned buildings, affecting their education, friendships, and sense of safety. The smallest items can make a world of difference to these children. All Among Us supplies these children with food, clothing, school uniforms and supplies, shoes, books and toys.
WOMEN AT RISK can feel vulnerable and insecure and most are unable to be self-sufficient. FACT: Many have lost jobs, face eviction, suffer from abuse, are in recovery, struggle with mental illness, or have experienced a series of hardships. All Among Us provides transitional housing at the Women's Care Center, assists with finding permanent affordable housing, mental health support, employment training, counseling, and other specialized services.


All Among Us, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in December 2016. In partnership with other non-profit organizations throughout Ferguson and the greater St. Louis area, All Among Us provides transitional housing and a wide range of client services in a welcoming environment. Our organization receives no government funding.